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The Inpredkadry company – a branch of the MFA of Russia’s GlavUpDK, has for over 25 years been providing services to more than 500 diplomatic missions, foreign commercial representation offices and Russian companies

In today's complex world companies need a reliable partner. We offer custom solutions in the field of finance services, HR record management, personnel leasing and additional services in the sphere of business organization and management in Russia.

Keeping the military account

All organizations and entities are obliged to administrate a military registration – i.e. collect, maintain, update and deliver to the military commissariats the information of personnel, liable for military service – and it is very important to duly administrate it. 

Thus, upon entry into employment, an employer is obliged not only to unsure the presence in an employee’s passport a registration stamp of the military service, but also to ensure the existence and authenticity of the military service registration documents, records and stamps, to specify the wide range of parameters of an employee’s life, fill the set of required documents upon the specified forms, regularly coordinate with military commissariats and many other things.

All procedures require not only professional knowledge, but also enormous number of efforts and times – that is why we recommend to entrust administration of the military service to our specialists.

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