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The Inpredkadry company – a branch of the MFA of Russia’s GlavUpDK, has for over 25 years been providing services to more than 500 diplomatic missions, foreign commercial representation offices and Russian companies

In today's complex world companies need a reliable partner. We offer custom solutions in the field of finance services, HR record management, personnel leasing and additional services in the sphere of business organization and management in Russia.

Staff Leasing

We offer You to use the services of the company ‘Inpredkadry’ in the area of personnel leasing or out staffing – personnel out staffing – which allows you not only to dispose of any troubles, related to the execution of the employer’s functions, but also significantly decrease the expenses due to the decreasing of the number of employee of HR and accounts departments.

The firm ‘Inpredkadry’ becomes the official employer of Your company’s personnel and undertakes all HR administration, calculation and payroll of the salary, contribution of all mandatory taxes, recruitment for the temporary works, and also settlement of the labor disputes.

The firm ‘Inpredkadry’ is reliable and responsible provider of the services, strictly complying with the requirements of the legislation, exercising clear technologies of cooperation with the Customers and hired personnel.

Advantages and possibilities

  • You will minimize the volume of HR documentation (personnel files, employment record books, employment agreements, orders, military registrations and etc.); 
  • You also will minimize Your responsibility for payroll payment, payment of sickness certificates, leaves, execution and submission of the reports to the taxation authorities, non-budgetary funds, statistics bodies;
  • With minimization of the official personnel, You will increase investment potential of your business, as the efficiency factor is calculated on the basis of the personnel number of the company;
  • We provide easiness and efficiency of recruitments of the personnel for the temporary work – for the leave or sickness of a main employee;
  • You save significant facility due to decreasing of the employees number of HR and accounts department due to decreasing of the salary, taxes, necessity of work position furnishing, rent of an additional space and others.

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