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The Inpredkadry company – a branch of the MFA of Russia’s GlavUpDK, has for over 25 years been providing services to more than 500 diplomatic missions, foreign commercial representation offices and Russian companies

In today's complex world companies need a reliable partner. We offer custom solutions in the field of finance services, HR record management, personnel leasing and additional services in the sphere of business organization and management in Russia.


Apply for the services to the firm ‘Inpredkadry’ You obtain the reliable service, based on the simple and suitable resolutions from the partner, which over 25 years provides the services for the foreign commercial and diplomatic representatives.


The firm provides its services for many years, thus You obtain well establishes and simple procedure of cooperation. Our services direct for the maximum simplified cooperation mechanisms, minimum formality and upon that the services are provided by highly qualified employees. Over 500 organizations obtain our services and have ensured that, it is true.


Apply for the service You:

  • Dispose from any problems of an employer and routine works with the personnel. We resolve it by applying the out staffing system;
  • By entrusting the firm ‘Inpredkadry’ with HR documenting and payroll, You will decrease administrative and financial expenses, and can in full concentrate on the primary business.
  • By entrusting the firm ‘Inpredkadry’ with the complete accounting services, you obtain the guarantee, that the service will be provided with the compliance with all requirement of the current legislation.
  • Apply for the consulting services to the firm ‘Inpredkadry’ You will obtain the competent legal partner, which consults you concerning all issues of the foreign representative’s activity in Russia.


The firm ‘Inpredkadry’ is the oldest provider of the services for the foreign organizations in Russia.

We conduct business with:

  • Over 90 diplomatic representatives. Among them there are the Embassy of France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain and others;
  •  International organizations (Commission of the European Community, UNESCO, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and others;
  •  Over fifty representatives of the foreign mass media (Associated press(USA), Times (Great Britain), RAI-TV (Italy), Washington Post (USA), France-2 TV (France), TV-Asahi (Japan) and others);
  • Over 400 representatives of the foreign commercial structures (representatives of world-known firms, air-companies and banks: Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), Toshiba Corporation (Japan), Delta Air Lines (USA), Air France (France) and KLM (The Nederland) and others); with the Russian organizations, for example, LLC ‘BMW Rusland Trading’, LLC ‘EADS’ and others.

Having the state status, we provide our services with strictly compliance with the requirement of the legislation.

Why we?

Answering the question ‘Why we?’, our company confidently can say: the firm ‘Inpredkadry GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia’ – is the company, oriented on the principally qualitative level of the service regarding the supporting of Your business on the Russian market.  

We develop individual resolution in the area of the financial services, HR documenting, personnel leasing and additional services in the area of incorporation and conducting the business in Russia.

Wide specialization of our company allows to provide the complex services, and the name speaks for itself.

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